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  • Homestuck gifs. part 1

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    I'll Tell you a story..

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    Once upon a time folks, there was a little nerdy tomboy, whos dream in life was to sit back watch yaoi, draw, run track, make music, play sports, cook, create and be beautiful.<--(like that last one is gonna happen).But one day the internet call her...they said that she was needed online on tumblr and yes her talents were actually relevant to this world.. Answering the call of adventure the little tomboy rushed to her computer desk and got started._______
    Trash that mess up there, IT'S CRUNCH TIME.. here is the real stuff. Nothing too big, I'm probably one of the swaggest nerd you will ever know. Lmao, nah..The names Carmelita Dajanera Alexandria Jones Phyills Joesph Quee the first...And this is my Random, Anime, yaoi, miku miku dancing, Artist, musical Blog. Welcome.And what ever you do in your life O_O Dont stop that FAPPIN
    ...peace and
    Let the tea party Bash'in begin~

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